The Difference Between Personal and Commercial Auto Insurance

Blue SUV driving down country road

The difference between personal and commercial auto insurance may sound obvious to the lay person – personal is when the car belongs to you, commercial is when the car belongs to a business. But the reality is that the line between these two types of auto insurance can be very gray, particularly for small business […]

How to Avoid Medicare Late Enrollment Penalties

Enrolling in Medicare and selecting your healthcare plan is a big decision. While it is important to weigh all your options, failure to get coverage on time could cost you. Here’s what you need to know in order to avoid Medicare late enrollment penalties. You can face late enrollment penalties for Medicare Part A, Part […]

HVAC Maintenance

Man performing maintenance on his HVAC unit.

Throughout the year HVAC systems are really put to the test, so we’ve put together a maintenance checklist that you should perform at least once per year to keep yours in tip-top shape. Turn Off Power Before you begin work on anything electrical, always be sure to turn off the power source first. Your shutoff […]