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What does an auto insurance policy cover?

It depends on the level of coverage you choose, but most basic auto policies include:

Bodily Injury Liability
Personal Injury Protection
Property Damage Liability
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist
SUV driving on a heavily wooded road

Auto Insurance FAQs

In the state of Florida, you are required to at least carry $10,000 of personal injury protection (PIP) and $10,000 of property damage. If you want to get a policy that satisfies just the state requirements, consider all the other options available along with their benefits first before deciding. Your agent can explain all the plans available before you decide on which to select. Some coverage available is uninsured motorist, bodily injury liability, extended PIP, medical payments, comprehensive collision, rental and towing reimbursement, etc.

Your agent can help you decide on the right coverage plan to cover your needs. To get an accurate estimate on auto insurance prices, the agent will need:

Your Car Information
This includes the year, model, make, and vehicle identification number or VIN #.

Your Information
They will need your driver’s license number, date of birth, and social security number.

Other Drivers
If there are additional drivers in your home, you will need to also provide their information.

General Information
You will also be asked some general questions, like how long you have been driving, how many accidents you had in the past, your credit rating, and more.
Your Driving Record
The better your driving record is, the less your premium will be. In contrast, if you have had any serious moving violations or accidents in the past, you will pay more. Thus, if you didn’t carry insurance for the past several years, your premium may also be higher.

The Total Number of Miles Driven Each Year
The more you drive, the better your chances are of having accidents. If the miles you drive each year are lower than average, which is less than 10,000, then you will pay less. Also, some insurance agencies give discounts to those who carpool.

Where You Live
Insurance agencies look at local trends that include the number of accidents in your area, lawsuits, and car thefts, as well as car repair and medical care costs.

Your Age
Typically, older drivers don’t have as many accidents as drivers with less experience, such as teenagers. Therefore, if your car will be driven by teenagers or drivers who are less than 25 years old, your premiums will be higher.

The Car You Drive
Every car is different, and therefore, will cost more or less to insure. This is because some cars may cost more for repairs, are safer to drive, and are more likely to be stolen than others.

Your Credit
Your credit rating is a key factor in determining how much you will pay for auto insurance, as it is a statistically valid tool for indicating how likely someone would be to file a claim and how much the claim will cost. Credit-based insurance scores contain important information, including your payment history, collections, outstanding debts, bankruptcies, and length of credit history. If you made credit card or mortgage payments on-time or paid off your debts, your score is affected positively, while negative balances or late payments affect your score negatively.

How Much Coverage You Are Requesting
Needless to say, the higher the amount of coverage, the more you will pay. However, there are often some valuable discounts you may qualify for.
Comprehensive and Collision insurance are two different auto coverage policies that protect your car from a covered loss. Collision is optional in an auto policy and is the definition of colliding with something. Here it refers to your vehicle hitting anything it can physically collide with, including another car. It is the coverage that handles how your car is repaired after an accident once your deductible is paid. You pay the deductible, and the insurance agency pays either the cost of repairs, the cost of a replacement, or the actual cash value. Comprehensive coverage pays for damages to your car caused by anything other than a collision. It also covers all accidental and direct losses not covered by Collision insurance unless it is specifically excluded. This includes theft, vandalism, fire, hail, flood, etc.

Of course, you want to get the most for your money when you make any purchase, especially when you are shopping for auto insurance. Here are some suggestions to look into that may help with your needs.

Search for Discounts and Compare Prices
There are several auto insurance discounts available on the internet that you can use to save on auto insurance. Compare different coverage levels of auto insurance. Sometimes the cost of higher limits is not much different from lower ones.

Higher Deductible
Choose a higher deductible. If you choose a higher deductible, you will pay less for your monthly premium but will have to pay more out of pocket if you are ever involved in an accident.

Use An Independent Agent
Find an independent agent that represents a leading carrier. They will shop for you and know exactly what to look for to reduce your premiums, allowing you to select the best options and save.

Many companies will give you a big discount for Bundling several types of your insurance plans together with a multi-policy plan that they offer. For example, you can bundle your auto and home insurance to save a lot of money on insurance. Some customers who choose to bundle save 27% on average by getting all their insurance from one company.

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