Do I Need Homeowners Insurance Before Closing?

You may be wondering about homeowners insurance while you shop for the house of your dreams. In order to understand how homeowners insurance works and when to purchase it, it’s logical to ask the following: Is homeowners insurance necessary? Do I need homeowners insurance before closing? And if so, at what stage in the house […]
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Homeowners Insurance: What Is Covered And What Is Not

You can’t get a mortgage without homeowners insurance. Even if you could, having a policy provides precious peace of mind for homeowners and their families.  But while homeowners insurance coverage provides a wide range of valuable protections, it doesn’t cover every contingency. Understanding what basic policies do and do not cover can prevent unwelcome surprises […]
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Holiday Safety Tips

Every holiday season comes with many joys and some challenges. There are always situations that are going to be out of our control during the holidays. However, when it comes to common holiday risks, we’ve got a few holiday safety tips to help you avoid undue problems.
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