How to Avoid Medicare Late Enrollment Penalties

Enrolling for Medicare and making the right plan selection is a big decision. While it is important to weigh all your options, failure to get coverage on time can lead to penalties that increase Medicare costs over time. Medicare late enrollment penalties can catch people off guard, which is why you should be aware of […]
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HVAC Maintenance

In Florida, our AC units are really put to the test during the summer months with temperatures reaching well above the 90’s. The following checklist should be performed on your HVAC at least once each year. Turn Off Power Before you begin work on anything electrical, always be sure to turn off the power source […]
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Family in car

Auto Emergency Kit

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is to expect the unexpected. That is why is it crucial to get prepared before an emergency arises. We have put together a list of the top items that you should have in your emergency kit readily available in your car. A well-stocked emergency kit can provide you […]
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Couple opening gifts on Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day Safety

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and this means chocolates, flowers, candles, and you guessed it…jewelry! While you and your loved one spend some quality time this weekend, you’ll want to make sure that your gifts are properly covered and that you are celebrating safely. We have put together some basic tips on how to […]
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