How To Protect Your Business From Cyber Attacks

Gut check. What are you doing to protect your business’, colleagues’ and customers’ data? What cyber security measures do you have in place?

Cybercrime is rampant. Attacks on businesses of all sizes result in costly data breaches. Do you know how to protect your business from cyber attacks? Ask yourself the following questions to address your cyber risk exposure.

Does my business have a developed cyber security plan?

The first step in developing a security plan is knowing what types of data you have within your business, and then ensuring all financial, employee, and customer data is secure. Hire an in-house IT person or consider working with an IT vendor to ensure your set up for success.

Are we managing passwords properly?

Passwords are fundamental to every security system and keeping them organized is essential. Use a password protection software, like LastPass, to manage all your passwords in one secure place.

Are we regularly educating colleagues about security?

Educating colleagues on security policies is a great way to make sure that everyone working at your business is implementing the latest security procedures. For this reason, you should implement mandatory, bi-monthly or quarterly cyber security training for your staff.

Are our firewalls up-to-date?

Making sure firewalls are up to date and working on your company computers is crucial in order to protect against malicious viruses.

Is the business properly insured in case we have a data breach?

Cyber insurance protects your business from financial losses in the event that your data is compromised due to a data breach, virus, or malware. It may also help cover costs associated with recovering data or restoring your company’s reputation.

We hope that you find these cyber security tips helpful. If you need cyber insurance or help with business insurance in general, request a free quote today. The Guided Solutions Team is here to help ensure protection for you and your business.


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