Will auto insurance cover my ATV in case of an accident?

In recent years, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) have surged in popularity among adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. They have a can-do attitude and can tackle all kinds of terrain, and that’s made them a go-to choice for recreational activities. 

If you’re already an owner — or thinking of becoming one —you’ll want to know how to get the right kind of ATV insurance coverage in case of an accident or other insurable event.

Understanding ATV coverage versus auto insurance

Insurance providers assess risk based on things like vehicle type, usage, and potential hazards. Compared to four-wheeled, on-the-road vehicles like cars and trucks, ATVs are meant for off-road fun and have different risks in how they’re used, where they’re used, and how much it might cost to repair if something goes wrong. 

While most people are familiar with standard auto insurance, it’s important to know that while some policies may provide minimal coverage for ATVs, there are limitations. 

Some common limitations include: 

  • Exclusions for Off-Roading: Many auto insurance policies explicitly exclude coverage for accidents due to ATV off-roading, trail riding, mudding, or racing, which is their primary purpose. 
  • Different Usage Patterns: Auto insurance may not cover ATV-specific activities like trail riding, mudding, or racing. 
  • Varied Risk Profiles: Accidents and injuries due to off-road use and somewhat aggressive riding styles lead to higher premiums or exclusions for certain ATV-related risks.
  • Specialized Modifications: ATVs are often modified with aftermarket parts for improved performance. Standard policies may not cover these mods or their replacement costs. 
  • Lack of Liability Coverage: Liability coverage, which protects you if you cause injury or property damage to others while operating an ATV, is often limited in standard auto policies. 
  • Theft or Damage: Standard auto insurance may not cover your losses if your ATV is stolen or damaged while it’s not in use (e.g., in storage or during transportation). 
  • Age Restrictions: Some providers may impose age limitations on ATV coverage, restricting who can be insured, operate, or ride on the ATV.

What about specialized ATV insurance?

Considering the above limitations, it’s really important for owners of all-terrain vehicles to think about getting specialized ATV insurance — policies that provide more comprehensive coverage tailored to ATV usage and the potential risks. But remember, not every provider will offer every type of coverage.

Here are some key features of specialized ATV insurance:

  • Off-Road Coverage: This will protect you when riding on trails, in the woods, or other off-road terrains. 
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Protection against a wide range of perils, such as collisions, theft, vandalism, fire, and weather-related damage. 
  • Liability Coverage: Protection if you cause injury or property damage to others while operating your ATV.
  • Accessory Coverage: Protect those aftermarket modifications and ATV accessories such as winches, brush guards, or custom paint jobs. 
  • Coverage for Different Types of ATVs: Ask about coverage for other types of ATVs, like quads, dirt bikes, dune buggies, and more. 
  • Towing Coverage: Some policies may include coverage for towing your ATV in case of breakdowns or accidents. 
  • Uninsured/Underinsured: Protects you if you’re involved in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured ATV operator. 
  • Medical Payments Coverage: Coverage of medical expenses resulting from ATV accidents (hospital bills, doctor’s fees, etc.) 
  • Theft and Vandalism Protection: Specialized insurance that provides protection in case your ATV is stolen or vandalized. 
  • Agreed Value Coverage: Some policies allow you to establish an agreed-upon value for your ATV, ensuring that you receive a set payout in the event of a total loss rather than the actual cash value, which may be lower. 

What about bundling ATV and auto insurance?

Adding ATV coverage to your existing auto insurance policy could save you money and simplify your insurance life. Besides discounting your overall insurance costs, bundling consolidates everything with one insurer, making it easier to manage your coverage, make payments, and manage claims. 

However, not all bundled policies are created equal, especially when it comes to ATV coverage. Determine exactly what your bundled ATV coverage includes, and if the coverage doesn’t match your needs, shop around.

Keep in mind that the cost of ATV insurance can vary quite a bit, depending on a bunch of factors like your riding history, age, where you ride, and even your credit score. Your rates could be higher or lower depending on which insurance company you choose.

We’ve got you and your ATV covered!

Availability of specialized ATV insurance varies by location and providers. First, you’ll need to find an insurance provider that offers this type of coverage and can create a policy that suits your ATV and how you use it. 

However, that can take a long time, especially if calling around is hit or miss. That’s where we come in. Guided Solutions can do all the leg work for you by researching and comparing ATV coverage options, limits, premiums and additional benefits from local and national insurers.

First, we’ll assess your all-terrain vehicle usage patterns, terrain preferences, and any modifications or accessories you’ve added. Then, we’ll compare quotes from multiple ATV insurance providers to help you find the best rates that match your specific needs. 

Leave it to us to find the right ATV insurance for you! Click here to get started, or call us at (855) 701-2477 to speak with an advisor.


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