Home Prep for Extended Vacation and Holiday Parties

Your house should feel like a safe space to sleep, store your belongings, and spend time with loved ones. But, if you want your home to provide comfort, then you must also protect it.

Leaving your home for vacations makes it vulnerable to break-ins by strangers while inviting people over for a holiday party opens it up for potential damage and theft by people you actually know.

This does not mean that you should forgo enjoying the things you love. Preparing your house for an extended vacation or a party ensures that it remains a safe haven for you and your family.

Read on to learn how!

Purchase an Insurance Plan

Whether planning for a long vacation or a holiday party, you should protect yourself with home insurance. Things happen that you cannot always prepare for, and this policy will make moving forward easier and much less expensive.

If a theft occurs, homeowners insurance covers the valuables. It also rebuilds your home after massive damage from a natural disaster while away or an accidental fire during a holiday party.

When you open your home to people for a party or to check on things while away, there is always a risk of them getting hurt on your property. The liability falls on you if this happens. Homeowners’ insurance may cover their medical bills and other legal costs if this happens.

Renters may want to consider insuring their living space as well, since it covers belongings. This type of insurance may also cover accommodations if an accident during vacation or the holiday party requires you to leave for repairs.

Preparing Your House for an Extended Vacation

While insurance will cover belongings, home repairs, and the costs of an injury on your property, it still brings overwhelming energy into your life. Take measures to protect your home while you’re away.

Make your home look lived in, because 72% of burglaries occur when nobody is home. Utilize friends and technology for this.

Set your lights on a timer so they turn on and off throughout the day and night. Ask your neighbor to park in your driveway at night so the house does not appear unattended.

You should also ask a loved one to pick up your mail and newspaper. If nobody can, then put your mail on pause.

Install an alarm system before you leave for a long vacation. This will also lower the cost of your home insurance!

Preparing Your House for a Holiday Party

During holiday parties, you cannot quite stay vigilant and maintain good hosting skills. Prepare your home ahead of time so that you can focus on fun rather than worrying.

While you may not want to believe that a loved one will steal, it happens. Keep valuables locked away in a safe or locked in a spare room. Keep video surveillance in rooms with nice furniture or valuables.

Also, protect your guests from injury. Do not host a party when any part of your home is under construction unless you can keep that area locked up and off-limits.

Call for an Insurance Quote

When preparing the house for an extended vacation or preparing your house for a holiday party, cover all of your bases. Make sure your house is both protected from thieves and reasonably safe for your house guests.

Most importantly, purchase an insurance plan that covers you if all else fails. Contact us for your best insurance solutions. We’ve got you covered!


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