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Here's what you need to know about boat insurance.

Boat insurance is a unique form of coverage that protects you and your watercraft from a multitude of unforeseen circumstances. Understanding the ins and outs of this coverage is key to ensuring you’re properly protected while enjoying the open waters. Here’s a list of commonly asked questions to help you sail confidently toward the right level of protection so you can enjoy your boating adventures worry-free!

Do you need boat insurance?

Yes! Aside from the financial risk of having to replace or repair your boat, you also need protection in case you or someone else is injured in a boating accident — regardless of who is at fault. Without insurance, you would have to pay for repairs and medical expenses out of pocket. Learn more.

Is boat insurance required?

Boat insurance is required in only three states: Arkansas, Hawaii, and Utah. However, in various situations, like docking at a marina or financing your boat, insurance may still be necessary. Even if not mandatory, it's wise to consider boat insurance due to potential risks and liability issues. Don't gamble with your watercraft's protection! Learn more.

What does boat insurance cover?

Boat insurance covers damages to your boat, personal liability, and even medical payments if you or a passenger gets injured while out on the water. Learn more.

What does boat insurance NOT cover?

Boat insurance typically excludes coverage for general wear and tear, damages from marine life or pests, lack of maintenance-related issues, racing or competitive events, intentional acts or illegal activities, damages while towing on land, and loss of personal belongings not attached to the boat. Learn more.

How much does boat insurance cost?

The average cost of boat insurance is $200 to $500 per year for basic coverage. However, the cost can vary depending on many factors, such as the type of boat, its value, the coverage limits, the boater's experience, and the location. Learn more.

Types of boat insurance coverage.

Boat insurance varies based on the type of watercraft. Different boats face varying levels of risk and exposure depending on their size, value and use. To learn about coverage options available for your specific vessel, speak with a Risk Advisor. In the meantime, here are the types of coverage that are typically included in a boat insurance policy.

Property Coverage

Property coverage protects your boat against physical damage and loss due to risks like sinking, fire, theft, vandalism, and collision. This type of coverage typically applies to the boat regardless of whether it’s on or off land.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage protects you from damages and injuries caused to others on the water. It can be used to repair or replace damaged property as well as cover an injured person's medical care, lost wages, and other costs incurred as a result of a boating accident for which you are at fault or partially at fault.

Medical Payments

This offers financial protection for necessary medical expenses resulting from a boating accident, regardless of who is at fault. Medical Payment coverage is available from $500 to $10,000 and covers you, your passengers, and even your wakeboarders, skiers, and tubers.

Uninsured Watercraft Coverage

If you get into a boating accident with an uninsured boater, uninsured watercraft coverage pays your medical bills.

As a boat owner, you may want to add other coverage to your policy for towing, boat accessories, or special equipment. Speak with a Risk Advisor today to learn about other available coverage options.

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