Flood Insurance

Your financial life-boat.

Just 1″ of water could cost you $25,000 in damages!

Don’t wait for disaster to strike to get protected.

Flood Insurance

Your financial life boat.

Just 1″ of water could cost you $25,000 in damages.

Don’t wait for disaster to strike to get protected.

More than 40% of flood claims come from outside high-risk areas.

Flood damage strikes frequently in low to moderate risk areas. Don't wait for disaster to strike to get coverage. Regardless of your area's risk level, flood insurance is a good investment.

We navigate for you.

Stop wasting time comparing flood insurance options online. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

We compare insurance from both major and local carriers, and will present you with the best options – same day, free of charge.

All we need from you is a little info to get started.

Here's what you need to know about flood insurance.

With floods being the most common natural disaster in the U.S., it’s important to financially protect yourself in case disaster strikes.

Homeowners insurance policies do not cover damage caused by flooding, so a separate flood insurance policy is needed to cover the structure and contents of your home in the event of a flood.

What is flood insurance?

Flood insurance covers damage and losses directly caused by flooding. According to FEMA, a flood is defined as an excess of water on land that is normally dry, affecting two or more acres of land or two or more properties.

Is flood insurance required?

Flood insurance is required if your home is in a high-risk flood area and you have a government-backed mortgage.

What does flood insurance cover?

Flood insurance covers the foundation and contents of your home, such as: plumbing and electrical systems, appliances, finishings, and personal belongings.

Types of flood insurance.

There are two types of flood insurance policies, dwelling coverage and contents coverage, which are purchased separately and have separate deductibles. As a homeowner, you can purchase coverage up to $250,000 for your dwelling (aka house) and $100,000 for the contents of your home (aka your stuff).

Dwelling Coverage

Protects the home's foundation and covers the cost to repair things like walls, staircases, electrical and plumbing systems, appliances, installed finishings, and more.

Contents Coverage

Contents coverage protects your belongings and covers the cost to replace things like your clothes, furniture, electronics, washer, dryer, artwork, curtains, and more.

Flood policies typically take 30 days to go into effect.

Though you can purchase flood insurance at any time, there is a wait period before policies go into effect. Don't wait until last minute to purchase your policy.

Keeping your home protected.

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