What is the difference between home insurance and renters insurance?

Modern residential apartments with flats being protected by renters insurance.

Do you know the difference between homeowners and renters insurance? Our at-a-glance chart helps you compare them side-by-side. Whether you rent your home or own it, you need insurance to protect it. Yet, surveys show a drastic difference between renters and homeowners that have insurance. Only about 41 percent of renters have renters insurance compared […]

Time Is of the Essence: Knowing Your Home Insurance Claim Time Limit

Calendar page flipping sheet on the table.

It finally happened: you’re in a situation where you have to file a claim with your home insurance company. Though there are probably a lot of things on your mind and many things for you to take care of after a loss, it’s crucial for you not to miss any deadlines to file a claim […]

If Natural Disasters Strike, Will Your Home Be Protected?

Tornado damage to home.

It’s no secret that natural disasters continue to worsen, happening more frequently and causing more damage year over year. In 2021 alone, the United States saw 20 natural catastrophe events exceed $1 billion each. This is why homeowners need to think about their exposure to natural disasters and have the right insurance in case disasters […]

How is Homeowners Insurance Calculated?

Sea view swimming pool in modern loft design,Luxury ocean Beach house, 3d rendering

If you’re shopping around for homeowners insurance, you might be wondering how your home insurance premium is calculated. The answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Insurance policies don’t have uniform prices – each premium is unique. The reality is that hundreds of variables go into calculating homeowners insurance. A home insurance premium is […]

What flood insurance does and doesn’t cover

Close-up Of Flooded Floor In Kitchen From Water Leak

You may think that you don’t need to worry about flooding but trust us, it’s more common than you think. Flood insurance is designed to protect your home against rising water.