Does life insurance cover medical bills?

Fact. Many Americans are not prepared to pay for skyrocketing medical costs. According to recent data from the Kaiser Family Foundation: Although the Inflation Reduction Act promised to lower costs for some healthcare expenses, like prescription drugs and insurance premiums, consumers may still face out-of-sight costs. What can you do to help ease the pain […]

What Does Term Life Insurance Not Cover?

Term life insurance provides financial protection to your loved ones if you die unexpectedly. But, sometimes policies don’t cover every situation. Here’s a list of conditions that are typically excluded or not covered by term life insurance: Lying on your application If you lie or fill in false info on your life insurance application about […]

What Does Life Insurance Cover?

Almost one-third of consumers think the sole purpose of life insurance is to pay for funeral and burial expenses. The truth is . . . it can cover so much more.

What’s the Difference between Whole Life and Term Life Insurance?

Today, more than 100 million people don’t have the life insurance they need. One of the reasons often cited by those who are un- or underinsured is that they don’t understand the basics of life insurance. Especially the difference between whole life insurance and term life insurance policies. In this new blog, we take the […]

Find Your Diabetes Risk this Diabetes Alert Day

Did you know that in the United States alone, 37.3 million people have diabetes? This amounts to 11.3 percent of the population, and of this total, 8.5 million people are undiagnosed. This is why the American Diabetes Association celebrates American Diabetes Alert Day on the fourth Tuesday in March, which lands on March 22 this […]

Why We’re Wearing Red on February 4th

The first Friday in February is National Wear Red Day. On February 4th, people across the United States will wear all things red and share posts on social media to raise and spread awareness of women’s heart health. This national campaign urges women to learn about their predisposition for heart disease and take proactive steps […]

Tips to steer clear of the flu this season

The CDC estimates the flu annually infects more than nine million people in America. Some years, this number was as high as 40 million. While many recover from the flu without any severe complications, thousands will be hospitalized. The same steps taken to protect yourself against the yearly flu can also help prevent COVID-19. With […]

Healthy Eating for Seniors

In the final installment of our four-part series, we’ll take a look at the foods that will help keep you fit, active, and happy in retirement. We’ve already touched on the importance of eating right to keep your mind sharp, improve your fitness, and for better sleep. Taking care of yourself during retirement requires a […]

Healthy sleep habits for a healthy life

Woman healthy sleeping in bed with an alarm set and air mist diffuser on

Now that you no longer have to get up for that job, you may find your sleep patterns are getting disrupted. It seems counter-intuitive: Even though you’ve removed the 40-hours-a-week job, you may find your mind racing even more at night. Maybe aches and pains are causing problems or keeping you from restful sleep. Whatever […]

Tips For Buying Life Insurance

Life insurance Advisor reviewing policy with client

Even though most people need to buy life insurance at some point in their lives, it is always best to find the right policy before making such a significant commitment. Here are 5 tips to help you find the best life insurance company to give you the peace of mind you deserve. 1) Understand Why […]